From the Office to the Living Room: Taking Your Task Management Skills Home

Your successful small business didn’t get that way by accident. You have learned task and time management skills that transcend the business side of things and reach into your personal life. Taking a long, hard look at what you have done to get you to this point and applying those lessons to your everyday operations could be a boon to your mental and physical health. Let’s take a look at some of the things you have learned at work that you can take home.

Lesson #1: Stay Organized!

If you’re a successful business owner, you’ve undoubtedly learned about the benefits of organization. If you’re running your business from home, look for ways to keep your business and personal records as organized as possible. For example, many small business owners choose to form an LLC for their business because these entities require less paperwork and have easier tax reporting requirements. Before forming an LLC, you’ll need to check the rules and regulations for LLC Ohio registration. You can delegate this task to an attorney or save by using a formation service.

Lesson #2: Prioritize!

Making to-do lists isn’t just for your job. Lists of chores, groceries, or what you’re going to make for dinner on a given night are all examples of ways to use your ability to prioritize to impact your day-to-day life. This skill is crucial: Not everything on those to-do lists is of equal importance, so you have to choose which ones to get done first and which ones can wait until later. Your small business has profited from your ability to prioritize tasks, so why shouldn’t your home life?

Lesson #3: Delegate!

Remember: It’s imperative that you don’t do everything on your own. Even kings need regents and even knights need squires. Delegating tasks allows you to free up time and mental space to complete tasks that are more focused on the innovative side of business ownership rather than the day-to-day activities. Some tasks you can delegate to others — either your own employees or outside consultation services — include:


  • Tax preparation: Hire professionals to do your taxes. They know the codes, and they know the way to get the most out of your return. This will make things less complicated for you and give you time back in your day to work on other things.
  • Social media marketing: Freelance social media marketing consultants can help you grow your company without spending tons of money on advertising. Social, if done right, is an affordable way to gain traction in your vertical — but you don’t want to spend all of your own time on it.
  • Search engine optimization: Hiring a freelance SEO professional could help you grow your page views and, in turn, improve your bottom line by improving your web presence. When it comes time to expand your business, this is a critical thing!

Lesson #4: Communicate!

This may seem trivial, but as you have no doubt learned about running a small business, effective and efficient communication is extremely important. This builds better teams, increases your chances of innovating as a company, and improves employee engagement. For instance, if you are trying to automate some parts of your business, it’s critical to engage with your employees long before the final decisions are made, so you can see what would be the most efficient use of resources.


It’s no surprise that communication is also integral to your relationships at home. Your partner, your children, your friends, and even your pets benefit from you having a better understanding of how to connect with them and communicate clearly.

No one is an island, and neither are their skills

In learning how to build your business, you also learn how to be a responsible citizen and improve how you interact with your fellow humans. Take these lessons and apply them to your everyday life, and see the impact.

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