Camel Norma Kamali dress.  Off the shoulder aline waist

Dressing your new body post baby

Dressing your new body post baby

Am I the only one that hates buying for themselves?  

Like I absolutely HATE it.  I hate the way my body looks post baby [yes, my youngest is almost 3, but Covid-19 gave me like 19 lbs so i'm back to square one] and I am not as confident as I was back in my prime.  

I remember my body back in college...I thought I was so fat back then and hated my body.  If I only knew how badly my body would change in the next 15 years, I would have appreciated it more, haha.  All those clothes I had pre-baby will never fit me again, and to be honest, I dont want to wear them.  I am a completely different person now after kids then I was before kids and my style has changed and I have to adapt to my new life. 

So, how do I dress this new bod that I have so that I feel fabulous and sexy?  With help!  This past weekend I did a pop up shop at Cheesecake Boutique and in between clients we had a little dress up party.  They were able to dress me head to toe in multiple outfits that had me feeling classy, elegant and sexy.  

And before you ask....this store is the cleanest place I have ever been in since Covid started.  The staff wears face shields, there is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE and the store is set up so that you can socially distance while shopping.  You tell them what you're looking fore and they style you head to toe.  Wanna see some of my outfits?

These are both from designer Norma Kamali and when I say I felt like a princess....CHILD!!!! The dress and pant slipped on like butter and hugged in all the right places and hid all the places I needed to hide.  The dress is great to wear to a wedding and the pant outfit is a great date night outfit!  The best part of the pants is that they are so long, I can wear a heel and the pant still touches the ground.  Why is this amazing?? Its because I grew a good 3 inches since I had spinal fusion so finding long pants are hard! 


These are what I consider casual outfits.  These are the outfits you wear to do child drop off at school or attend a PTA meeting.  I LOVED the fit of the boyfriend jean.  They were a bit baggy but I loved it that way.  It gave me room to be able to run after my children and eat my feelings during lunch without having to unzip my pant.  Add a casual tee shirt and a fun cardigan and this is the the outfit that speaks my language.  And that chambray dress....the comfiest thing in the world.  You can dress it down with a pair of slip on shoes or dress it up with a pair of thigh high boots for fall.  


The dress on the left is a thin strap dress that hugs the bodice and flairs at the waist.  It is not clingy at all and the print is a great distraction from my Chipotle belly haha.  Add a denim jacket to dress it down and a pair of boots and this a great outfit for fall to wear to a nice lunch date with the girls.  The look on the is another favorite.  The skirt is another Norma Kamali must have.  It is the same material as the dress in the first image and as you see, has POCKETS!  The top is baggy in a classy way and cinches at the waist.  This top would work well with a pair of pants and the black boots too!  

All of these looks would be in my closet if my husband would allow it but I can't say enough that in every outfit I felt like a million dollars and I haven't felt like that since my wedding day.  So please, if you are in the Columbus, OH area...check out Cheesecake Boutique and tell them I sent you!








  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thanks for sharing & inspiring. You are brave and beautiful in your mom bod 🥰

    Lolo on

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