Tips for Planning a Family Vacation That's Easy on the Pocket

Tips for Planning a Family Vacation That's Easy on the Pocket

Tips for Planning a Family Vacation That's Easy on the Pocket


Everyone needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle every now and then. When you have a family, it can be hard to have a fun vacation while keeping your expenses in check. Fortunately, Jamison & Bexley explains how you can stick to your budget when you put the proper plans in place.


Plan for Affordable Fun


Sticking to a budget is easy when you bring your own fun along for the journey. You can play games outdoors during the day or at night when you’re back in your room. You should also consider getting a few age-appropriate apps that can keep kids entertained throughout the trip. A streaming device can also be a great way to keep kids occupied because they’ll have access to all their favorite high-definition movies and TV shows just by connecting to a television or computer. There are even a few free apps that you can download onto the device for greater access to some must-see TV shows. When shopping for a streaming device, be sure to compare prices and features so you’re getting the one that’s right for you.


Mindful Packing

When it comes time to pack for the trip, include clothing that’s comfortable and versatile so you don't need to pack as much. This is trickier for nursing moms, but there are simple T-shirts and leggings that can be dressed up or down. For the kiddos, pack creative and comfy items like casual jogger pants and bodysuits from Jamison & Bexley!



Explore Parks and Hiking Trails


There are a number of national parks across the nation, and according to U.S. News, visiting a park can be a great way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature with your family. Each park has its own defining features that you can explore. The Yosemite Park in California has beautiful waterfalls and rock formations you don’t see anywhere else. If you decide to visit Acadia National Park in Maine, October is the best month to do it. This park has seasonal activities, hiking trails, and beaches that you can navigate for up to half the day.


If you’re most interested in hiking, there are even more hiking trails throughout the country that you should check out. There are The Wave and Tonto Trail in Arizona, as well as the Mauna Loa Summit and Kalalau Trail in Hawaii. Whichever trail you choose, just make sure you carry the right gear.


Shop for Discounted Flights and Cruises


It would be cheaper to have your vacation locally but sometimes your ideal vacation is miles away. In that case, make sure you know how to find the most affordable flights. To get the best deals, it’s recommended that you have some flexibility in your travel days and times to avoid the higher-priced peak travel flights. When looking at prices, don’t just choose the one with the lowest one as some airlines have expensive added costs that you might not notice.


Maybe going on a cruise is more in line with your plans for family fun. Trip Savvy has some great advice on booking affordable cruises. You might get a good price if you shop for discounts and research your planned itinerary, not just the cruise lines. One of the good things about taking a cruise is that you could visit a location that would be too expensive by air.


Make It Educational


When it comes to this kind of family vacation, take advice from Traveling Mom on how to get the kids excited. Understandably, it helps if you never call it an educational trip. Instead, focus on the fun activities that they can do there and find out what other attractions you can enjoy on your way there. Even though there are learning opportunities, don’t be too strict on that part; instead, let the kids explore and have fun. If you’re drawing a blank on where to go, check out this list of possible locations from Skyscanner. For more specific interests, consider Space Camp or The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, both of which will entertain your family.


Family vacations should be fun and hassle-free, but you can’t do that if you’re worried about how much money you’re spending. Make sure you follow these tips to keep your budget intact.


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