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Mixed with Love

This shirt goes out to all the mixed babies out there in the world.  You were made from love...and never forget it! <3

Mixed w/ love

Sorry we're late...

Does your toddler pick THE WORST times to poop?  Like right before you're about to head out the door...this tee was made for them!

I Pooped

Black Lives Matter

Some shirts just explain themselves...let your little one show their support and ally-ship in todays climate.



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Meet the Mom behind the Brand!

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey everyone, my name is Jen!

I started this company because I wanted to offer more clothing options to my kids.  Also, I find that a lot of other children's clothing boutiques are over priced and makes the children grow up WAY too fast in-terms of the clothing options.  I want my little ones to look like kids for as long as possible with out breaking the bank!  Why spend a bunch of money on an item that you know your child is going to poop through?!

Please check out the Mom Blog at the top of this page to read about my real life struggles of being an Mompreneur, raising a family, maintaining a healthy marriage and taking care of myself and my mental health! 

No big deal :) 

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