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Looks Like Me

Little girls everywhere now know that they can be whatever and whomever they want because for the first time in this nations history...the next VP will look like them!


Excuse me,

Now in this climate more than ever it is important to make our voices heard. Let this shirt inspire you to speak your truth no matter who tries to cut you off.


Straight Outta Timeout

Do you have a little one that constantly finds themselves in timeout. Whether its by choice or by force, lol. Grab them this sweatshirt for their next visit to timeout.


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Meet the Mom behind the Brand!

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey everyone, my name is Jen!

I started this company because I wanted to offer more clothing options to my kids.  Also, I find that a lot of other children's clothing boutiques are over priced and makes the children grow up WAY too fast in-terms of the clothing options.  I want my little ones to look like kids for as long as possible with out breaking the bank!  Why spend a bunch of money on an item that you know your child is going to poop through?!

Please check out the Mom Blog at the top of this page to read about my real life struggles of being an Mompreneur, raising a family, maintaining a healthy marriage and taking care of myself and my mental health! 

No big deal :) 

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