Welcome to the "Surviving Mom Life" Newsletter

The Unfiltered, Unapologetic, All-Too-Real Newsletter for Moms!

Hey y’all! I’m Jennifer, your go-to gal for navigating the chaos of motherhood with a blend of humor, solidarity, and just a touch of mischief. You might remember me from the "Empowering Mom" newsletter, but let's be real – that just wasn’t cutting it. Why? Because it’s time for something that truly resonates with who I am, and probably, who you are too. Introducing the revamped, reenergized, and really authentic "Surviving Mom Life" newsletter!

So here’s the deal: I’ve always been about helping and fixing, wanting everyone to thrive and succeed. But, if you’re standing outside your baby daddy’s house, fighting the urge to kick the door in, or scrolling endlessly for potty training advice – I’m probably not the traditional advice-guru you’re after.

Instead, I’m that friend who offers a shoulder to laugh on when life throws its curveballs. I'm right there with you, dressed in black, ready to take on whatever absurdity life has pitched our way. The friend who sends you TikTok hacks on potty training while laughing at the sheer impracticality of actually trying them because, honestly, who has the time?

Why the shift, you ask? Well, after joining an amazing accelerator through The U Cbus, led by the incredible LoLo, it hit me. Discussing my newsletter, she pointed out, "This doesn't sound like you... AT ALL!" And she was right. The "empowering" mom vibe wasn't me. I’m more of the "whew, these kids are testing me, and I need a stiff drink" kind of mom.

So, here we are – the real Jennifer, coming to you without filters, without pretense, just as I am. A hot mess, unfiltered, and embracing the chaos of motherhood in all its glory. This shift to "Surviving Mom Life" feels so right, like slipping into your favorite pair of comfy jeans, but for your inbox.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s promise to make our weekly rendezvous a thing – same day, different time, because let’s face it, ADHD and kids make a predictable schedule a laughable concept.

Here’s to us, the moms just trying to survive and find a moment of joy and laughter amidst the chaos. Welcome to "Surviving Mom Life."Let’s do this!