New Bae Box

Type: Gift Box

Are you going to a baby show and have NO CLUE what to bring the expecting parents?  Don't you wish you could pick up a gift set that includes everything the baby could need/use in the first 3 months of their life?  That is where we come in!  

Grab the expecting parents a "New Bae" Box.  

What is included?

  • Muslin Swaddler
  • A Pair of Infant Fashion Sock
  • Fashion Bib with Snap Closure (not velcro)
  • Infant Teether
  • Pacifier Clip
  • 15% off Coupon to our site for the New Parents 

Each box is curated at time of order.  No two boxes will be the same!  Be the hero at the baby shower with this New Bae Box!!