Top 5 Must-Have Items for an Infant

Top 5 Must-Have Items for an Infant

Top 5 Must-Have Items for an Infant

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So, as you know, I've got three little rascals running around, and let me tell you, that's been quite the learning experience! I've figured out what's worth investing in and what's just not cutting it for our family. And now, I've got some fantastic must-haves that I swear by! These goodies are total game-changers for your little bundle of joy, and you won't wanna miss out on them! So, let's dive in and make your parenting journey a whole lot smoother!

1. ExerSaucer Door Jumper

Oh, let me tell you about the ExerSaucer® Gone Fishing Door Jumper – it's a total blast for your little munchkin! Not only do they get to jump their hearts out and have a load of fun, but it also helps build their core muscles – talk about a win-win! And here's the kicker – it won't hog up your precious floor space. Ain't that great?

Moving it around is a piece of cake with the easy-to-use clamp, and you can adjust the straps to the perfect height for your kiddo. No tools needed for setup – quick and hassle-free! And guess what? You can take this gem with you on day trips or vacations because it's so travel-friendly.

Oh, and did I mention how practical it is? The soft fabrics are a breeze to wipe clean, and when things get really messy, just toss it in the washing machine – no fuss at all!

So, if you want your little one to have a whale of a time while working those muscles and keeping entertained, this jumper is the way to go! Trust me, you'll both love it!

You can buy the same one we have here from Walmart!

2. Smily Mia Silicone Teething Toy



 Alright, let me spill the beans on this awesome infant teether! It's like a two-in-one deal – perfect for those tiny sucking newborns, acting as a pacifier (especially for those breastfed cuties). And once they hit the 3-6 month mark, it magically transforms into a fantastic teething toy! Talk about versatility!

But wait, there's more! This genius teether comes with a nifty hand strap that stays put on your little one's wrist, so no more dropping it all over the place. And that's not all – it actually helps with developing their motor skills and hand-to-mouth coordination. Now, how cool is that?

You know, it's recommended for babies aged 3-6 months, but let me tell you a secret – my 8-month-old is totally hooked on this thing! It's like their new favorite toy; they just can't get enough of it!

So, if you want a teether that grows with your baby and keeps them entertained while boosting their motor skills, you've found the magic one right here! Trust me, your little bundle of joy will thank you for it!

You can buy the teether on Amazon here!

3. Hatch Mini Sound Machine

Alright, listen up! I've got something super cool to share with you – the Rest Mini! It's like a dreamy smart sound machine that'll work wonders for your little munchkin's sleep. No more tossing and turning – it'll help them doze off and stay asleep like a champ!

Guess what? You've got 8 fantastic soothing sounds right at your fingertips. So, whenever it's nap time, bedtime, or just any time your little one needs some peace, you can easily drown out those pesky background noises. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to longer, deeper sleep!

Check out these awesome sounds it offers: White Noise, Ocean, Rain, Water, Wind, Birds, Dryer, and Heartbeat. Isn't that amazing?

And here's the best part – you can control it all with the Hatch Sleep app. Yep, program a custom duration and even adjust the volume remotely. Talk about convenience, right?

So, if you want to create a calm oasis for your little bundle of joy, the Rest Mini is the answer to all your sleep struggles. Trust me, both you and your little one will get some much-needed rest and relaxation!

You can get one for yourself over at Target!

4. ErgoBaby Carrier

ErgoBaby Carrier

Hey, let me tell you about the Ergobaby Embrace – it's like a cozy snuggly haven for newborns! You get the best of both worlds – the softness of a wrap combined with the structured support of a carrier. And the best part? No complicated wrapping or tying involved – just pure simplicity!

You can keep your little one close as they grow, thanks to the adjustable waistbelt that's a breeze to use. It's like a multitasking pro – carry baby in newborn mode, baby facing in mode, and even baby facing out mode – you've got options!

Oh, and comfort? This bad boy has got you covered! Spreadable cross shoulder straps and a supportive waistbelt make sure it fits like a charm, no matter your body type.

Plus, it's slim and compact – you can easily roll it up and throw it in your diaper bag for quick and hassle-free on-the-go adventures. How cool is that?

And here's some extra good news – it's "Hip Healthy" as certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. So, you can trust that your baby will be cozy, comfortable, and close as you both find your rhythm together.

If you're looking for a baby carrier that's simple, snuggly, and oh-so-convenient, the Ergobaby Embrace is your new best friend! Happy baby-carrying!

You can grab one from either Target or Amazon

5. A New Bae Box

New Bae Box

Oh, you gotta check out the awesome New Bae Box – it's seriously the perfect gift for new parents! Inside, you'll find a bunch of fantastic goodies that'll have both the baby and the parents jumping with joy.

First up, we've got a super soft and snuggly muslin swaddle. It's like a cozy little cocoon for the little one!

Then, how about some uber cute infant socks? Your baby will rock those tiny feet in style!

And we've got just the thing for those teething days – a handy infant teether! Say bye-bye to teething tantrums!

Lost pacifiers will be a thing of the past because we've included a nifty pacifier clip. It's a lifesaver, trust me!

And here's the icing on the cake – a fun fashion bib that comes with a snap closure, not those annoying Velcro ones. Say hello to stress-free mealtime!

But wait, there's more! These goodies aren't just for a specific age – you can use 'em at every stage of your little one's first year. Now, isn't that amazing?

Oh, and as a cherry on top, we're throwing in a 15% off coupon! Yep, the new parents can use it to shop for even more awesome baby items from Jamison & Bexley. Score!

So, if you want to be the gift-giving rockstar at the baby shower, the New Bae Box is your secret weapon. Get ready to see those smiles and hear those "thank you's" – it's gonna be a hit!

You can grab one of the many New Bae Boxes at Jamison & Bexley!

There you have it, folks – my top 5 absolute must-haves! The Door Jumper, Silicone Teether, Mini sound machine, Ergobaby Carrier, and the incredible new bae box. I swear, I wouldn't be raving about them if I didn't truly believe in their awesomeness. I use these gems every single day, and they've been total game-changers for me and my little one. Now, I can't wait to hear from all of y'all! Let me know which one is your favorite and why – I'm all ears!

Happy parenting, everyone!



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