Allow me to introduce myself...

Allow me to introduce myself...

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi, my name is Jen and I am the owner of online children's clothing store Jamison & Bexley and I am also their mom.  I have a dog named Aria [she's a Frenchie/Boston mix] and my husband of 6 years name is Matt.  

I have a bachelors in fashion and retail management and have 20+ years experience in retail and customer service.  

I'm pretty much amazing and realized today that I have never shared how amazing I am with you.  And not just you, but myself.  

Social media has a way of making people feel like they are not good enough or doing enough in their life.  I find myself getting stuck into that "ugh, I should be so much further in my life/career than I already am" mentality when I see someone post that they are getting a new car or their second house.  I have to remind myself that "I AM THE SHIT AND HAVE DONE SO MUCH IN MY SHORT LITTLE LIFE!!!" 

And if you are reading this, then you should remind yourself of that too!  Stop looking at what other people have done/are doing.  Look at where you came from and how far you've gotten!  That is all that matters.  So here is my story and hope if helps with yours:

  • I am a first generation American and the middle child of 5.  My parents came to the States from Africa in the early 80's (my dad is from Angola and my mom is from the Democratic Republic of Congo) and I was the first child they had here.  In my mind, i'm low key their favorite.  But if you look at all the grey hairs my parents have, I was probably the most problematic.
  • I am not good at schooling.  Like, I am a social butterfly and if they had a class that all you needed to do was show up and talk...I'm your girl.  I really hate tests, not good at retaining information and hate reading books. 
  • I am an African American woman and I am married to a white man.  Let that sink in for a bit. I'll have to add to that later on but with the way racism is set up, not a lot of people are fans of this courtship. 
  • I went to 3 different colleges and got my degree when I was 26.  I wasn't ready for college at 18, I was ready to party and get out of my parents house.  And that is exactly what I did.  
  • I am extremely extroverted, which makes it very easy to have amazing customer service skills.  I've worked in fast food, restaurant, retail and call centers and my I am really well at it.  Talking to people comes very easy to me...working for "the man" does not. Thus me running my own business.
  • I have loved and lost and I am still dealing with this daily.  Death is not easy and everyone grieves differently.  You just have to grieve the way that works best for you and not apologize for it. 
  • I am unfiltered.  What you see is what you get.  I hardly sugar coat anything and that is why my friends love me.  But that is also why not everyone can handle me. You just have to find your peoples and stick with them.  
  • I like to see everyone win, even if they dont want me to win.  Let that sink in for a bit.  I have helped so many people throughout my life and some of them have never returned the favor.  I am a people pleaser and that's not always a good thing especially if you are more concerned with helping others instead of helping yourself.  

This is me in a nutshell.  I am a mess, I am not perfect.  But all those bullet points I have listed has made me who I am and I will never apologize for it.  So the next time you are scrolling on social media and you see someone achieving something great in their life, dont compare yourself to them.  You are perfect just the way you are. 




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