Creating a better bond between parent & child

Creating a better bond between parent & child

Creating a better bond between parent & child

What does it mean to “create a better bond with your child”? Its crazy to think that the things that happen in your child’s life now, will impact them for the rest of their life.  Don’t believe me, think about it.  Think back to a time when you were younger when your parent yelled at you for something that made no sense to you, but still haunts you till this day. 

For example, I come from an extremely strict family.  I was not allowed to do pretty much ANYTHING and that has stuck with me my entire life.  I remember a time when I was not allowed to get a part time job because my older sister lied to my parents when she was supposed to be at work and actually went to the movies.  My parents were FURIOUS… and they grounded her when they found out and told me I was never allowed to get a job.  I was 9 when this happen.  Like “ok…I cannot get a job, but I don’t even want a job.  I just want to play outside with my friends”.  But as I got older and when I did want a part time job, the answer was still “no” because of what my sister did years prior.  That memory sticks with me because my parents were so harsh for no reason. 

I purposefully told myself that when I would become a parent that I would do the EXACT opposite of what my parents did with me.  I want to blame it on cultural differences (my parents were born and raised in Africa, and I was their first-born American child) but I am not sure.  There was so much not done in my childhood that should have laid out a solid foundation of trust and nurture between my parents and I but what we have now is a very strained relationship.  My ultimate goal as a mother is to not repeat the same behaviors that my parents did/or did not do.  So, in this blog series I am going to be speaking about creating a better bond between you and your child, how to mend them and different ways to create and strengthen that bond.  So that when your child is older, they can have the perfect relationship with you and have nothing but positive memories of their childhood.

Comment below what you do to create better bonds with your children, especially during times like these?



  • To create a better bond I actually listen to my children and don’t allow their answers or mine to ever be I don’t know. If we don’t know we figure it out together.

    Janita Marie on

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