How to have a productive day with sick kids

How to have a productive day with sick kids

How to have a productive day with sick kids

You don’t. 

That is it. 

That is the post. 

There is NO way to be fully productive with sick kids at home.  People on social media will have you thinking that it is possible and have you feeling guilty.  Have you second guessing your parenting style/choices but I am here to tell you that THERE IS NO WAY TO BE FULLY PRODUCTIVE WHILE TAKING CARE OF SICK KIDS (OR KID). 

Being a Mompreneur isn’t easy on a regular day. So when you add sick kids to the mix, that changes EVERYTHING. But I will share some tips and tricks on how you can be partially productive. 

Text with intern

Reschedule all in person appointments to either virtual or for a date in the future. 
Any appointments that are able to be moved virtually, do it. Make sure to have a disclaimer when on virtual meetings saying: “hey My kids are home and they are sick so if you hear a-lot of background noise, that is why” so the person on the other end understands.  And if they don't understand and give you crap, screw them.  If you don't/cant move the meeting virtually then reschedule them for a future day and time.  I  would say have a week buffer because hopefully by that time the sickness has passed out of your kids system. 
Sitting on the couch with the kids
Tablet & tv time is ok while sick [just not too much]
Being lazy is sometimes the best medicine for children.  Let them watch all the TV, play all the games on the tablet.  What else can they do in the meantime?  My children are 4 & 6 and all they wanted to do was lay around and watch a show.  Now I  put in the minor disclaimer of [just not too much] cause some skeptics feel like too much screen activity is bad for children.  But when they are sick, you have to pick your battles and if letting your son watch the paw patrol movie so you can clean up the vomit on his bed sheets then lets go Marshall & Chase go save the day! 
Me stressed beyond belief
Don’t expect to get anything on your to do list done. 
In a previous blog post titled "how to simplify your day to day tasks" I mentioned when creating a to do list to create a "want to do" and a "need to do".  That goes out the window when your child/children are sick. Unless the item on your list is something like "pay the mortgage" or something as important, then be prepared to move that item or items to your next week to do list. 
 Bexley doing schoolwork
Reach out to school for assignments child can do while home.
Set apart time to be with your child and help them complete assignments. When covid hit, all schools went virtually so it is not hard to do some online assignments with your children based on your Childs teacher recommendations. Make sure you take frequent breaks in between assignments to have your child rest.  It is exhausting being sick so be extra empathetic with their tantrums and definitely practice gentle parenting. 
Me holding Jamison as he sleeps
Be present. No phone. Give your child your undivided attention with lots of cuddles. 
I've been telling my son that "mommy is magic and mommy can make you feel better".  Sometimes the best medicine is love from your mommy (or daddy).  After a day of both kids being sick, I implemented a day of 1990's style sick day.  Which meant no iPhone, no streaming services, keeping it old school sick day with mommy.  We ate breakfast, played with our toys, had a little dance party, taught the kids how to do laundry.  I did for them what my mom would do for me (with less background noise from my other 4 siblings).  Other than taking pictures of them, I was less consumed with my phone and more present with the kids and I feel as if they appreciated it.   
Hopefully by the time you read this blog post, my kids are on the mend and I  am able to get back to my regular schedule.  I also hope this post helps you and reminds you that when someone in the house is sick, you don't have to be superwoman and do it all.  It is ok to "pivot" and focus your attention on what matters most : Your Children! 


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