I want my kids to learn how to swim too!

I want my kids to learn how to swim too!

I want my kids to learn how to swim too!

Ok so as you all know I started adult swim lessons at SafeSplash Swim school and it's still going great.  I have no fear of the water now, I am able to float on my back and front.  I can even do a little lap from one end to the pool to the next.  I started learning the breaststroke and I am mastering freestyle.  I am also working on my backstroke and learning how to go from back to front and front to back.  

Can you believe I just started there a few weeks ago and I’m out here like the Black female version of Michael Phelps! Because I was doing so well, I wanted to bring my kids to try it as well.  Here is a little background on each kid and their experience! 


She previously did swim lessons at Aqua tots when she was almost 3 years old.  She is not afraid of the water...matter of fact - she is the child who would run right into the deep end and jump in with no cares.  I call her my little Moana.  Which is fine if her father is with her, but if it's just me, I am wasn’t comfortable being in the water with her.  She did learn a bit at Aqua Tots but I feel like she wasn't progressing as much as I felt she should.  When I let her try a lesson at SafeSplash, she was ready.  Within her 45 minute lesson, she was going under the water, floating on her back, blowing bubbles...she was living her best life.  She learned and did more in 45 minutes at SafeSplash then she did in 4 months at Aqua tots [I said what I said...don't come for me]. 


This is the kid who hates getting his face wet.  Like bath time is such a fight with him and I dread doing it often.  He is the child that avoids water like it will kill him, which was cool with cause that is how I was.  But if we are going to be living our best life this summer, I want him to not HATE water.  So I brought him with me as well.  


Y'all...she is a toddler whisperer.  She had my little “water is scary...I am not getting my face wet” 3 year old son Jamison out here putting his cheek in the water.  He was out here blowing bubbles by saying “moo” in the water.  He is over here kicking the water living his best life.  He even [wait for it] let her get his hair wet.  


He doesn't even like it when I try that.  He would be cursing me out in his little Jamison language and saying “mommy not nice”.  But Sunaz, oh that is his girlfriend.  First thing the next day he goes “Swimming is fun...teacher is my friend.  I miss her” Listen little man, I'm going to need you to stop flirting with my instructor...ok?  She was my friend first, haha.  

But seriously!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I got to meet everyone at SafeSplash and how comfortable they make learning there is!  3 different people at 3 different stages of their swim journey and no one left in tears!  That is a win if I ever did see one!

Again, if you are looking for swim lessons for yourself or your children - check out SafeSplash Swim School!

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