Let's Talk about Sensory Play!

Let's Talk about Sensory Play!

Let's Talk about Sensory Play!

Hey parents!  Jennifer here from Jamison & Bexley, diving into the world of sensory play! 

Ever find your little one turning your home into a chaos zone? Whether they're playing mixologist in the liquor cabinet or exploring under the sink for cleaning supplies, it's a challenge. Attention span? A generous 30 minutes, if we're lucky, with Miss Rachel. I think I stumbled upon a temporary fix—will keep you posted on its effectiveness.

Wondering when to start? Well, sensory play is fantastic for kiddos from 6 months onwards! It's all about engaging their senses and promoting development.

I know those Pinterest moms give their kids things like beans in the bin to play with. But the way my anxiety is set up And the way my son is disrespectful, he would probably try and eat a bean while I blink thus choking. So I found some sprinkles in my cabinet and figured "hey, he could play with these". So what I did was I poured some sprinkles on his suction plate and let him go at it.

Now here is the disclaimer give your child something that:

A. They can eat and you won’t need to call poison control
B. Your cat or dog can eat and you won’t have to call poison control and
C. If it gets on your floor you will not have a mental breakdown because of the mess that will be made.

I find sprinkles were the best option in my cabinet because it’s colorful and he can use his toy spoon to play with it and if he happens to get some in his mouth it’s fine it’s edible and if my dog decides to help me clean up the floor. It won’t hurt her either.

I know there are so many things to do with toddlers that include sensory play and I’m excited to explore those with you and share my experiences.  If you need some more help, read below for some information.

Activity Ideas:

1. Texture Exploration: Let those little fingers feel different textures – think soft fabrics, smooth surfaces, and bumpy objects.
2. Mess-Free Painting: Use zip-lock bags for mess-free finger painting. It's a win-win for creativity and cleanliness!
3. Water Play: Safe water activities stimulate touch and sight. Pouring, splashing – endless fun!

Best Ages:

- 6-12 months: Focus on textures and simple sensory bins.
- 1-2 years: Introduce water play and textured materials.
- 2-3 years: Expand to more complex activities like playdough and scented items.


- Developmental Growth: Enhances cognitive and motor skills.
- Calming Effect: Aids in self-regulation and relaxation.
- Creativity Boost: Fosters imagination and problem-solving skills.

Ready to elevate playtime? Share your favorite sensory activities with us and lets explore together!


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