Why You May Not Find Our Designs in Local Retail Shops

Why You May Not Find Our Designs in Local Retail Shops

Why You May Not Find Our Designs in Local Retail Shops
Hey there, stylish parents and supporters of Jamison & Bexley! We know some of you have been wondering why our fabulous gender-neutral designs aren’t popping up in your local retail shops. While the idea of seeing our clothes on a store rack is tempting, there are several reasons why we’ve decided to keep our focus online. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. The Dreaded Sales Split
When you sell in retail stores, the typical sales split is a staggering 60/40 – and guess who gets the 40? Yep, us. That means for every adorable romper or stylish onesie sold, the store takes the lion’s share. We believe in offering high-quality, affordable clothing, and giving up a huge chunk of our earnings just doesn’t fit with our vision.

 2. The Balancing Act
Running an online shop is already like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle – now imagine adding a retail store to the mix. It's just too much. Keeping up with online orders, custom designs, and managing inventory for a retail store would mean I’d need to clone myself a few times, and last I checked, science isn’t quite there yet.

 3. Display Control? What’s That?
When you work with retail stores, you lose control over what designs they display. Our carefully curated collections might end up scattered or overshadowed by other brands. Online, we get to showcase every piece exactly as it was intended, ensuring our vision and style shine through.

4. The Testing Game
One of the beauties of running an online shop is the ability to make designs to order. This means we can test which items are a hit without the risk. In a retail store, we’d have to gamble on ordering blanks, creating the designs, and crossing our fingers that the store's customers love them. It’s like playing a fashion version of roulette – no thanks!

 5. Who Are These People?
Retail store customers might not be our target market. We’ve built Jamison & Bexley for parents who value gender-neutral, high-quality, and stylish clothing for their little ones. There’s no guarantee that the shoppers in a retail store will appreciate our unique offerings in the same way our loyal online customers do.

 6. Pricing Wars
Retail stores often require pricing that aligns with similar items they’re already selling. This means we might have to compromise on our pricing strategy, potentially undervaluing our high-quality products just to fit in. Our goal is to offer fair prices without sacrificing the quality you’ve come to expect from Jamison & Bexley.

 7. Three Kids, One Mom
Let's not forget, I’m raising three wonderful (and wildly energetic) kids. Balancing family life with running an online shop is already a full-time job. Adding the complexities of retail would be like trying to host a circus in my living room – chaos!

So there you have it, folks! These are the reasons you won’t find Jamison & Bexley in your local retail shops anytime soon. We’re dedicated to maintaining the quality, style, and personal touch that you’ve come to love. Thanks for your understanding and continued support. Keep shopping online and spreading the love for gender-neutral kids' fashion!

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