Parenting Goals for 2020

Parenting Goals for 2020

Parenting Goals for 2020

Everyone starts the new year with a goal...or a resolution.  For 2014, my resolution was to go to the gym once a week and lose 10 pounds for my wedding that July.  I can honestly tell you that was a lie and I actually gained 15 pounds and over indulged in Chipotle and wine.  Don't judge me, let me live my life.  


Once I became a parent, my goals shifted a tad bit.  I wanted to focus my resolution on how I can be a better parent for them.  I think in 2017, my goal was to spend the first 30 minutes home with Bexley after work NOT on my phone and give her my undivided attention.  Welp it was the plan ...until I got pregnant with her brother and all I wanted to do after work was sleep, eat or vomit.  


This year I want to actually make a resolution and stick with it, and I want you all to hold me accountable.  So my resolution for 2020 is to be the best parent I can be!  I know, you’re probably thinking “that is the easiest thing you can hope for.”  But is it??  It’s hard being a parent out in these streets these days.  Some of us work demanding jobs during the day, have side hustles at night, and are expected to give our children our undivided attention the minute they walk in the door until the minute they fall asleep at night.  We’re also supposed to get 8 hours of sleep, drink half our body weight of water, have mental sanity and eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle by working out daily.  Anyone else calling bullshit???  I am!  


So in 2020, i'm going to just do my best.  Be the best parent I can be, not compare myself to those other Instagram moms that look like they are doing better than me.  I'm going to do my best at drinking half my body weight of water, but I may just drink a quarter.  I am not working out, i'm sorry.  I am not even going to lie and say “i'm going to join a gym!” because i'm not.  but what I will do is make an effort to walk a bit more each day.  Take the stairs when it makes sense, park a little farther in the Target parking lot, run after my kids when they are trying to escape me at the mall...that kind of stuff.  And lastly, cut back on fast food.  Meaning, bye bye Wendy’s chicken nuggets, bye McDonald's fresh french fries.  It’s been fun Chick fil A, and so long five guys cajun french fries.  But I am not giving up Chipotle.  Chips and guac are life and i’ll never let go.  


So if you see me at a pop up shop, ask me how my resolution is going.  If I start crying and saying how tired I am and how I craved and got Wendy’s for the kids for dinner, go easy on me.  I probably had no sleep or i'm going through caffeine withdrawal.  But if you see me in the corner eating a snack wrap from McDonald's by myself ...smack it out of my hands.  You have my permission!  But remind me that I told you to do so :-) 

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