Fall Fashion Must Haves!

Fall Fashion Must Haves!

Fall Fashion Must Haves!

Fall is finally in the air and if you are like me, you have one thing on your mind…. COLD SEASON! (yuck) I get super paranoid around this time of the year and have anxiety about taking my little ones out in this weather.  I’ve learned from other moms how to keep my little ones warm in this season and still have them looking cute! 

 Ever since having my daughter in 2015, I have been following other mom blogs and this blog always sticks out to me year after year! It lists the stable items that work best, and you can adjust the colors according to what is trending.  Here are some items that work:



  • Hats: throw a hat or ear warmers on her head and keep those little ears warm. If the hat has a pom-pom on it, I guarantee she’ll love it (or nipple on it if she’s teething)
  • Long sleeve graphic shirts: short sleeve graphic tees are great for the summer, it lets your little one expresses her personality with just a little image or little words.  Carry on that fashion trait into fall/winter!
  • Long sleeve dress: if your daughter is anything like my daughter then she wants to wear a dress ALL.   LONG…. So, lets at least give her a long sleeve one!  And if she has long legs you can add a legging print to it!
  • Leggings are LIFE! They are comfortable, easy to wash and easy to put on and take off if your little one is potty training!  They go with everything and everyone loves it.
  • Quilted vests: great for layering and good for those days where its not extremely cold but not summer time warm either!
  • Sweat suit: this needs no explanation, if your spouse is anything like mine then this is his go-to every morning.  It already has a matching bottom and guarantee that your little one will be warm!   



  • Hats: same as the toddler girl, keep them ears warm!
  • Flannel: every boy looks cute in flannel! And they are super warm too (I know, I have a few in my closet)
  • Graphic long sleeve: great for expressing him self while keeping him warm at the same time!
  • Pullover hoodie: this is great for layering over his flannel or his graphic tee. Most have a fleece lining for extra warmth!
  • Vests: another great item for layering for those days that are in between fall and summer.
  • Sweat suit: again, easy to match on those days where you don’t know what to put your child in!


  • Jeans: most jeans for infants and toddlers have a good stretch in them and an adjustable waist band.  A good pair of jeans is a must have in everyone’s closet, no matter the age.   
  • High tip sneakers: high tops are a MUST! You can tuck your skinny jean or your legging into it and go!  Great for running around and playing with friends. 
  • Boots: Rain boots, snow boots, work boots or fashion boots! Boots are great to have to protect your pants when your little one wants to jump in muddle puddles or when it has snowed, and they don’t want to get their feet wet. 
  • Cardigan: cardigans are just as cute on girls, as they are on boys! Throw one over a tee shirt and live your best life! 
  • Sweat pants: they are soo comfy and easy and pair great with a graphic, or even a flannel!  Did I mention that they are comfy?!

 Check out some fall items we have currently on inventory and stay tuned for our next shipment of Fall/Winter items coming soon 😊


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