The difference between a Onesie, Romper and Jumpsuit

The difference between a Onesie, Romper and Jumpsuit

The difference between a Onesie, Romper and Jumpsuit

I remember asking my husband to go get the kids dressed when they were younger and him not knowing ANYTHING about children clothing terminology.  I would say, "get a romper" and he would come back with a dress.  I say "grab that one jumpsuit" and he is bringing down a onesie.

I was on the good ol' Google the other day and came across this Onesies vs Rompers article explained by a father and thought "where was this when my kids were younger?" Lets break down this article and give you all some visuals of the differences with items we have in our shop!


What is a Onesie?

A onesie [aka a bodysuit] is best worn underneath clothing or paired with a pair of pants, shorts or skirt.  It has no legs and is best suited for infants aged 0 months up to 24.  Some parents prefer onesies over infant tee shirts cause a onesie will stay on where a tee shirt may ride up their belly. If worn solo, it is best to be worn in warmer climate like Summer.  Most onesies are plain and used as under onesies.  If you have a fun print on your onesie, you definitely want to add something on the bottom.  Most, if not all of our onesies can be paired with a fun bottom so you can see the fun print your infant is wearing. 


What is a Romper?

A romper [aka jumpsuit] can be worn solo because it has legs attached unlike a onesie.  The legs are either shorts or pants.  This is best for infants up to potty-training age.  Rompers have either snaps, buttons or a zipper closure to help get your little one in and out easier.  Rompers are known for being more fitted on your child. Some people use rompers specifically at bedtime because it keeps their little one nice and warm at night.  Depending on the sleeve or pant length is when it is best to wear the romper.  If you dress them in a short sleeve romper, then it would be perfect for Spring/Summer time.  If they are wearing a long sleeve romper, then that would be perfect for Fall/Winter.


What about Jumpsuits?

Now sometimes rompers can be also called jumpsuits but there is a big difference between an actual jumpsuit and a romper.  Jumpsuits were created back in 1919 as a one-piece clothing option used by parachutists.  It was introduced into the fashion world in 1930 by Elsa Schiaparelli [my fashion history professor will be so proud of me for remembering this] and has been around since.  Jumpsuits are best for big kids that are potty-trained and up.  As a mother who has two potty-trained children, you do NOT want your not so potty-trained child wearing a romper.  Trying to get themselves un-buttoned can make a big mess and cause for an epic meltdown.  Also as they get older, the term "romper" may seem a bit juvenile to them and jumpsuit is more "fashion friendly".  

There are also Jumper Dresses which is a short sleeve dress which is always worn on top of a tee shirt or long sleeve shirt. It is very casual and is good for children of all ages. This would pair well for an infant with a onesie or for a big kid with a tee shirt.  

Hopefully this helps you tell the difference between a onesie, romper & jumpsuit and feel free to share this with someone who knows nothing about fashion as well.  

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