The difference types of self-care you need to start implementing in your life right now!

The difference types of self-care you need to start implementing in your life right now!

The difference types of self-care you need to start implementing in your life right now!

I recently wrote this blog for Cbus Chic online publication and wanted to share it with you all as well!

You know how you go on flights and the captain says, “if oxygen masks drop, make sure you secure your mask before you help your neighbor or child”? This is also a relevant statement for self-care. As mothers, we tend to give to everyone but forget to take time for ourselves. If you are wondering “what is self-care?” I am here to tell you that. Self-care is something you do that takes care of you!

Did you know that there are eight different types of self-care? I did not. I am just as shocked as you guys. They are as follows:

  • - Physical self-care
  • - Psychological/intellectual self-care
  • - Emotional self-care
  • - Professional self-care
  • - Social self-care
  • - Environmental self-care
  • - Spiritual self-care
  • - Financial self-care

When the pandemic started last year [omg I cannot believe it has been a year and we are STILL in a pandemic] a lot of people, myself included, had no choice but to prioritize their mental health and do some sort of self-care or they would have gone MAD!!! My husband focused on his physical self-care and took nightly bike rides. His mental health improved drastically, and he was better to be around as long as he got his me time.

I focused on my intellectual self-care and started listening to podcasts on how to improve my business and took the appropriate classes to do some continuing education. I also focused on my social self-care because I am a social butterfly and when you tell an extrovert she cannot leave her house…well it sucks! So, I became more social on social media and made so many new connections that way and even started mentoring up and coming small business owners.

Now I am working on my physical self-care and making it a point to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. In January I started swim lessons and I added that to my weekly routine. It is the one day a week where I get to do something for myself. My challenge for you for April is to pick one area of self-care I listed above and work on it. If you need ideas on what types of self-care to do, I recommend purchasing “The self-care prescriptions” by Robyn L. Gobin, PhD. I purchased it on Amazon, and I am obsessed with this book. It breaks down different types of self-care and provides powerful solutions to manage your stress, reduce your anxiety and increase your overall well-being!

Let me know which you choose and how it is going for you. We can be accountability buddies!

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