We went to LEGOLAND!!!

We went to LEGOLAND!!!

We went to LEGOLAND!!!

Last week, the kids and I got to experience Legoland discovery center here at Easton town center in Columbus, OH.  The whole experience was amazing and the kids had a blast.  So much so, they cried when I tried to leave with them...so ice cream had to be purchased to get them out of the building. 

[Don't judge me, you got to do what you got to do] 

Here are the facts:

  • There is 36,000 square feet of everything Legos!
  • 2 amazing rides
  • A 4D theatre that will keep even your wild child entertained 
  • A mini land of iconic Ohio landmarks
  • A indoor climbing area
  • An area for children 5 and younger featuring Duplo farm Legos and soft Lego shaped building blocks
  • Dance party area
  • Coffee shop
  • A factory tour
  • And the iconic LEGOLAND store as you exit

Seriously, you name it and they have it!  

When we walked into the facility we entered into this room where the kids were able to virtually build Legos and see how they are made.  We then walked and got on the first ride where we had to use are laser guns and shoot the bad guys.  Clearly I won but had to help out the kids a bit.  Jamison loved this ride and for how young he is, he was not afraid.  If we could, he would have gone on it 100 times.  We marked our scores on this wall with our initials so we can remember the occasion. 

We then got to enter, what my daughter called, the main event!  Both kids got a bag full of Lego and tried to make something with only 20 Legos.  That is harder than it sounds and Bexley took on the challenge and completed it. 

Jamison was too busy enjoying the 5 and under area which included a slide so he was done with me.  

We went on the second ride which reminds me of a carousel and BOY DID JAMISON have the time of his life.  His exact words were “ITS VERY HIGH MOMMY” and he was loving it.  It didn't go uncomfortably too fast for them or too slow.  They were secure in their seats the entire time and the worker there was keeping watch.  

We entered the dance party room and tried to bust some moves.  Bexley just stood there and Jamison did the worm.  We dont judge him, he gets his dance moves from his Dad!  

After our failed attempt at dancing, we went to see the 4D movie.  It was so intriguing it even kept Jamison in his seat! 

We then took a walk towards the Lego mini-land featuring some of Ohio’s favorite landmarks.  Both kids loved this, especially because there are so many places they want to visit now! 

We ended our trip with playing on the indoor climbing area where they ran off their energy.  This climbing area is huge and I lowkey wanted to get in but I'm too big for this one :(

Overall I rate this place a 5/5 for all your indoor adventure needs.  And on top of the fun the kids were having, the facility was thoroughly cleaned and each ride was cleaned before and after we got off.  

If you are looking for a place to take your kids indoors to burn some energy, this place is it.  Check out LEGOLAND Discovery Center and use code: JS20 to get 20% off standard admission now through February 2021!

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